First blockchain platform/game in the world where you can buy, sell, collect, breed, and race horses.

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Year 2017 was a game changer for the block chain technology both in terms of valuations as well as their usability and reach.

Despite such huge expansion, the reach is still limited compared to traditional systems. An average person can just pronounce the word – Cryptocurrency and expecting them to understand the nitty gritty of technology behind it as of now is no less than mirage.

The contribution of Gaming Industry to the overall economy is gaining a lot of traction. Not only the subscriber base is increasing but the revenues for the early starters are rising astronomically. The theme has received a lot of attraction especially from media and companies generating them revenue through sponsors and advertisement. According to SuperData, games accounted for 91b $ worldwide.

But the moot question remains the same: What an average user gained from it?

So with above two issues in mind, we expect to deliver the project which not only shall teach the basics of this amazing block chain world to every user in a very subtle manner but at the same time they shall be able to monetize their newly found use case with a fun, interactive and informative game.

No day goes by without the big media reporting on the blockchain. We want everyone to be able to participate in globalization, regardless of whether they are sitting in the street cafe with their smart phones in New York, Moscow, Tokyo or New Delhi.

We want to connect the world. The idea of keeping horses is very old and connected by all cultures.

During the development of CryptoHorse, we have always seen the enormous potential of consensus and driven by the motivation to create a worthy product. We do not intend to collect any money through ICO rather we strive to deliver a product that has worth right away and potential to create a steady source of revenue in future. is the first block chain platform in the world where you can buy, sell, collect, breed & race horses as well as develop their community.

CryptoHorses are digital collectible horses which are created on Ethereum Blockchain. Each horse is unique not only in its appearance or colour but their genetic composition is different which shall be stored on the block chain. They have 9 different colours and 35 different attributes.

These CryptoHorses are not just collectible rather they can be bought and sold for Ethereum or bred to create new horses that have varying degree of traits of its parents. Depending on the traits they acquire from its parents, they can be sold or traded on Ethereum blockchain.

Each CryptoHorse have a particular gender – it can either be a mare or a stallion.

Initially there shall be 20,000 Gen-0 horses that will be created and stored on Ethereum block chain. There is no provision for creating new horses after the initial 20,000 Gen-0 horses are sold.

Each of the 20,000 horse is unique and has a price depending on its colour and attribute. Some attributes are rare and some are common. Rarer the attributes, higher is the price.

The price of a horse is determined on the basis of following attributes:

1. Generation
2. Appearance
3. Colour
4. Name
5. Special features
6. Speed
7. Fertility

We have planned some exciting new features like usage of automated bots for the CryptoHorse as our community grows and trust of our user increases. Crypto robots saves time and also helps users to safeguard money without risks. Visit for official details.

We have planned an entire city for the horses later in Q3. The land in this city will be very limited and have few buildings.

A user can then buy land in the city and rent as shop. The shop for example shall offer horse food, water, hay, and much more. The land owners can also organize beauty contests or you can organize in your own store in the Horse City. The items that a user can sell in a rented shop provide a bonus for the horse in the race and other competitions. It is also possible to buy land and rent it yourself.

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